(partially) sweet gift: diorama of bears with camera - two chocolate bears taking photos of each other.

now that i’m the new owner of this camera, i wonder what i could find out about it. it seems to be in good working order - the shutter operation looks good, bellows looks light-tight, the movements work and the aperture … well, it’s not entirely symmetrical, but it does open and close. also, there’s a focusing screen in good condition.

if anyone has any information about this camera, i’d love any links or pointers.

it is a 9x12 folding camera (probably intended for glass plates - but unfortunately it didn’t come with plate holders). its lens is labeled “Anastigmat POLLUXAR 1:6,3 F = 13,5 cm”.

it seems to be quite similar to my zeiss ikon donata camera overall (but the plate holders are apparently not interchangeable)

however, i couldn’t find anything at all about this camera’s maker - let alone this specific camera, on the interwebs. 

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