agfa clack.

this model of medium format camera was built 50-60 years ago, it takes 8 frames sized 6x9cm on 120 roll film. the field of view is mildly wide-angle.

it’s a very simple camera, was produced in very large numbers and is extremely cheap to get on ebay. so i got one to shoot a roll of film or two with, recently (together with a box 50). to change the film, you essentially take the camera apart - it’s very easy to do, but was an unusual experience at first.

took a few frames on it last weekend and finished that roll of velvia 50 yesterday. looking forward to see results soonish.

i stupidly didn’t realize that i could have triggered external flash using the two metal contacts on the top side of the camera before finishing this roll of film. just now i tried without film - and confirmed - that my wireless flash trigger works with the clack, when connected with two crocodile clips … some day i want to shoot at least one or two frames using flash with one of these simple 6x9cm cameras. well, assuming the sync would work out. not sure how the flash timing is meant to work, with this model.

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